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General workflow

The packages traces and correlations provides some tools in order to compute all the correlations from a directory.

digraph structs {
    node [shape=Mrecord];

    LoadTrace [label="<LoadDirectoryTrace> LoadDirectory |Should contain files with format: \n sac, mseed, wav, etc... "];
    ModuleMainTrace [shape=record, label="<ModuleMainTrace> Module \n traces.tracesMain| Extract all traces of seismograms\n and make the processing."];
    SaveTrace [label="<SaveDirectoryTrace> SaveDirectoryTrace |Architecture of traces treated: \n Component/Year/JulianDay/Station"];
    ModuleMainCorrelation [shape=record, label="<ModuleMainCorrelation> Module \ncorrelations.correlationsMain| Compute all the correlations\n for all the existing couple of traces."];
    SaveCorrelations [label="<SaveDirectoryCorrelations> SaveDirectory |Architecture of correlations"];

    LoadTrace:LoadDirectoryTrace -> ModuleMainTrace:ModuleMainTrace -> SaveTrace:SaveDirectoryTrace -> ModuleMainCorrelation:ModuleMainCorrelation -> SaveCorrelations:SaveDirectoryCorrelations


Decentralized use

  • Codes can be run in a decentralized way. The main decentralized options refers to the list of dates and the list of stations which provides a fine granularity:

    1. List of dates can be divide in a list of sublists of dates.
    2. List of stations can be divide in a list of sublists of stations.
  • Note also that codes can be run for each components.

Whisper project: FP7 ERC Advanced grant 227507 (WHISPER).
Codes are develop for the Whisper project (Seismic ambient noise).
If you use this code, specify it is provide by: Whisper project FP7 ERC Advanced grant 227507 (WHISPER).
Author: Xavier Briand. For questions, send email to with subject begin exactly with [whisper].