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Module tracesUtil

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Classes of exceptions for the package.

Module tracesExceptions

Inheritance diagram of ExceptionTraces, ErrorParamAttribute, ErrorParam, ErrorParamFromParamFile

exception traces.tracesExceptions.ExceptionTraces
exception traces.tracesExceptions.ErrorParamAttribute(**kwargs)
exception traces.tracesExceptions.ErrorParam(NameArgument)
exception traces.tracesExceptions.ErrorParamFromParamFile(NameArgument, **kwargs)

Whisper project: FP7 ERC Advanced grant 227507 (WHISPER).
Codes are develop for the Whisper project (Seismic ambient noise).
If you use this code, specify it is provide by: Whisper project FP7 ERC Advanced grant 227507 (WHISPER).
Author: Xavier Briand. For questions, send email to with subject begin exactly with [whisper].