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Package for computing time varation with the doublet method.

Package doubletsΒΆ

doublet.doubletParamIO The parameters I/O for the package.
doublet.doubletParamCompute The parameters for computing delays.
doublet.doubletGetParamIO Get the parameters I/O for computations.
doublet.doubletGetParamCompute Get the parameters of computation of the doublet.
doublet.doubletGeneratorCorr Generators of correlations (also mean and stack) and of dictionaries of doublets.
doublet.doubletComputeDoublet Provide a class for the computation of the delays.
doublet.doubletCorrelationIO Classes and methods to load and write the correlations.
doublet.doubletDictOfDoublet Classes and methods to load and save the dictionaries of doublets.
doublet.doubletTestParam Test the validity of parameters.
doublet.doubletUtil Some tools for the package.
doublet.doubletExceptions Classes of exceptions for the package.

Whisper project: FP7 ERC Advanced grant 227507 (WHISPER).
Codes are develop for the Whisper project (Seismic ambient noise).
If you use this code, specify it is provide by: Whisper project FP7 ERC Advanced grant 227507 (WHISPER).
Author: Xavier Briand. For questions, send email to with subject begin exactly with [whisper].