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Module correlationGoodNumberΒΆ

Provide a tool to find a number which optimize the time computing of the correlations.


It is very useful if you plan to compute lot of correlations of the same length (and the same maxlag).

Only one use: suppose you have the directory goodNumbers (the package), for whisper users:

$ cd goodNumbers
$ python2.7   <LenTrace>   <Maxlag>   <TimeComputing> 

That displays to the standard ouput a list of numbers with the time computing of a correlation. Take the number with the smallest time as the GoodNumber in order to compute correlations with the module correlations.correlationsMain of the package correlations. Precisely, use this value to set the parameter ‘GoodNumber‘ in the module correlations.correlationsParam.

If the parameter <TimeComputing> (seconds) is too small to make some test of correlations a message is displayed and a larger number must be taken.

Whisper project: FP7 ERC Advanced grant 227507 (WHISPER).
Codes are develop for the Whisper project (Seismic ambient noise).
If you use this code, specify it is provide by: Whisper project FP7 ERC Advanced grant 227507 (WHISPER).
Author: Xavier Briand. For questions, send email to with subject begin exactly with [whisper].